The Average B2B Tradeshow Only Retains 44% of Their New Exhibitors              

This limits show growth and “quietly” costs show organizers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Your sales staff works hard to bring in new exhibitors. And there is not an unlimited number of potential new exhibitors for your show. Now you can measurably increase new exhibitor retention, grow net square footage and retain revenue with another breakthrough new program from the industry leader.


New Exhibitor On-Boarding, Engagement and Retention Program

Our completely customized new exhibitor communication and guidance program:

  • acknowledges new exhibitors and makes them more visible in your show
  • adds more value to your exhibit package
  • enhances relationships by increasing non-selling communications pre/at/post-show
  • manages expectations
  • educates and focuses exhibitors on executing strategic factors that deliver results
  • provides the right information – at the right time frames – in the show execution cycle
  • provides expert guidance and feedback along with implementation and measurement tools

Our five phase program is guaranteed to increase new exhibitor retention from your next show!

The investment is based on the number of new exhibitors in your show. And payback on the investment is easily achieved and measurable with retention of just a few exhibitors.

This is an in-depth program designed only for show organizers who are 100% committed to growing their show, and who understand new exhibitors represent the lifeblood of future growth.