About Us Pix

What We Do: Competitive Edge is an exhibitor education, training and consulting firm in Charlotte, NC serving show organizers and exhibitors.

Our Mission: We provide clients with the latest and best ideas, information, knowledge and skills through multiple media, at the right time frames in the show execution cycle. This helps show organizers add value and helps exhibitors have more productive and profitable shows, so they keep coming back and invest more resources.

Our Reputation: Passionate, energetic, long-term vision, commitment, creativity, support, results.

What Makes Us Different: Our programs are uniquely designed to influence value perceptions, create visible and measurable exhibitor behavioral change and deliver value beyond cost to show organizers. Unlike many “rent a speakers”, no other firm provides more program options, or more implementation, marketing and measurement support.  

Our History: The company was founded in 1991 in San Bruno, CA by Jefferson Davis. From 1985 through 1990, Jefferson exhibited at over 200 tradeshows. In 1988, he began an intensive study on how to make tradeshows more productive and profitable by assembling the complete body of accessible exhibiting knowledge that existed. In 1991, he wrote his first seminar “The Seven Secrets of Successful Tradeshow Selling” and marketed it to tradeshow organizers as a way to help exhibitors  get better results.

Since 1991, Competitive Edge has become the most prolific and successful exhibitor educational and training firm in North America. Competitive Edge’s exhibitor educational programs have been delivered to over 270 association and for-profit show organizers, including over 50 of the TSNN Top 250 Tradeshows.