It’s Time for a Better Space Sales Model!

You know the drill.  Do a space assignment meeting at this year’s show.  Take orders for 40-70% of next year’s booth space before you leave the venue.  Send the prospectus and take orders for another 10-20%.  Finally, get on the phone and start selling to hopefully sell out the rest of your space.

This model, with some variation, is the status quo for most shows and creates two problems:

  1. The majority of booth space is being bought…not sold.  Because most exhibitors have no formal process to determine how much to invest or how much space to take, a lot of easy to capture revenue is being left on the table.
  2. It’s a transactional sales model that does not enhance the relationship or educate customers.

Progressive show organizers are moving away from this old model to a more engaging, interactive and consultative model.  A model based on deeper client engagement, better understanding of client marketing and sales objectives, then designing integrated programs that “rightsize” the exhibit and guide them to marketing opportunities that best support their exhibitors’ objectives.  The new model increases net square footage per company, grows ancillary revenue, and most importantly, deepens and solidifies the client relationship.

Here are two programs you can use to improve your exhibitor sales model:

#1  LIVE Sales Training and Reinforcement ProgramsJD Action 2

  • A live, “hands-on, minds-on” training workshop held at your office immerses your sales team in the latest and best techniques for selling to and building relationships with exhibitors.
  • Choose from a half-day or full-day workshop, and an optional 6 to 8 week email/web-based reinforcement program.
  • Includes a custom agenda, training materials and telephone coaching.

#2  ONLINE Email and Go to Meeting Coaching Program

  • A series of one-hour online sessions to train your sales team in the latest and best techniques for selling to exhibitors.
  • Includes a custom participant workbook and telephone coaching.