Here are the key exhibitor trends we are seeing:New-Trends

  1. Tradeshows, events, and conferences retain a prominent place in marketing budgets.  Average company allocates 40.3% of annual marketing budget.
  2. Senior marketing managers are demanding more accountability for tradeshow spending.
  3. Identifying tradeshow performance and financial metrics to show how the exhibit program supports core business objectives and delivers financial value is on the rise.
  4. Companies are moving from and event perspective (3 days at a show) to an “end to end” campaign perspective.
  5. Companies are doing a better job of targeting their ideal visitors and using selective attraction strategies to engage them.
  6. Because of the clutter in the email inbox, many companies are bring back direct mail as a key part of their pre-show marketing campaign.
  7. Companies are thinking beyond the booth by bringing in experts to speak, hosting private educational sessions, inviting customers to focus groups.
  8. Use of interactive technologies like tables and touch screens are providing more personalized in-booth experiences.
  9. Digital signage is replacing static signage.
  10. RFC and NFC technologies are being used for tracking attendee behaviors.
10 Exhibitor Trends