The Best Shows Don’t Just Rent Floor Space…
They Help Exhibitors Make It Profitable!

Put a Custom Online Exhibitor Success & ROI Center on Your Show Website.  Give Your Exhibitors 24/7 Access to the Latest and Best Exhibiting Information, Exactly When They Need to Think About It!

Our Exhibitor Success & ROI Center (ESRC) is a customized, sustainable, expandable, multi-media, exhibitor knowledge portal that will be a centerpiece of your value-added exhibitor package for years to come.

We provide content to set up your ESRC and a complete marketing program to introduce, build awareness, and drive exhibitors to the right components at the right time frames in your show implementation cycle.

Typical Components Include:

#1. Live & Replayable Webinars

Webinars are customized, show branded and include a participant e-workbook to keep viewers engaged and assist in retaining and applying the knowledge.  Competitive Edge completely manages live web events, records them, and sends a participant email survey.  We also provide show organizers with a summary participation report.

  • Customized: We work closely with you to identify the most important topics and information for your exhibitors.
  • Accessible:  Exhibitors don’t have to leave their desk.  They simply log in and learn.  Live webinars are recorded and available for replay viewing on your ESRC.
  • Relevant: With increased pressure to justify exhibiting expenditures and generate measurable results, each topic presented is highly relevant to exhibitors’ most pressing challenges and concerns.
    • Webinar Topics Include:
      • High-Impact Pre-Show Planning
      • Building Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic
      • How to Make Your Exhibit Stand Out From the Crowd
      • Staffing for Success
      • Improving Lead Management to Increase Sales Conversion
      • Inside the Exhibiting Numbers:  How to Measure Performance, Value and ROI
  • Timely: Each webinar is strategically timed to address the critical exhibiting topics exhibitors need to be thinking about – at the precise time intervals they need to be thinking about them.
  • Effective: The information presented has proven its effectiveness by generating measurable exhibiting results.
  • Rewarding:  Besides offering a value-added exhibitor service that builds goodwill, your investment is easily recovered through improved exhibitor satisfaction and retention, increased spending on marketing opportunities, and possibly increased floor space rental.


#2  Successful Exhibiting Article Series

Our extensive library of “how to” exhibiting articles contain stimulating, quick-read, practical exhibiting information that exhibitors can use to make their exhibiting investment more productive and profitable.  We work with you to select the article topics most beneficial to your exhibitors, and help you integrate the right articles into your exhibitor bulletins and communications – at the right time frames in the show execution cycle.  A sampling of topics include:

  • Exhibiting by Objectives
  • Driving Qualified Booth Traffic
  • Is Your Exhibit a Worthy Destination
  • Staffing for Success
  • Closed Loop Lead Management
  • Exhibit Measurement Made Easy


#3  Downloadable Tools

Your ESRC can include downloadable tools that will save your exhibitors tens of hours and hundreds of dollars.  Current tools include:

  • 16 Week Pre-Show Planning Checklist  Click Here to View Sample
  • Exhibiting Cost Control Spreadsheet
  • Exhibiting & Financial Performance Metrics Spreadsheet


#4  Ask the Tradeshow Expert Email Q&A

Your exhibitors can email their toughest questions and get answers straight from Jefferson Davis and his team of tradeshow experts.