Our Many Long Term Show Organizer Clients Will Tell You… When it Comes to Exhibitor Training, Nobody Does More or Does It Better!

Take Our Quick Comparison Now – We’ll Send You a Lighted Tape Measure with Calculator and Note Pad

Partnering with Competitive Edge is a safe and smart decision because no other exhibitor training firm does more or does it better.  Since 1991, we’ve provided:

  • more marketing, implementation and measurement support
  • more program formats and delivery media
  • better content, better delivery, and most importantly better results!

Rather than just tell you that we do more and better, here’s a list of questions to compare your current or prospective supplier to us:

Do they…

  1. Have over 20 years of experience working the show organizers?
  2. Have clients who have renewed with them for 5 – 20 years in a row?
  3. Design their programs not just to impart knowledge, but equally importantly, to positively influence exhibitor perceptions about the value of tradeshows?
  4. Design their programs to deliver the right content at the right times in the show implementation cycle?
  5. Design their programs to measurably impact retention, net square footage growth and grow ancillary revenue for your show?
  6. Utilize integrated multiple media to deliver custom content, such as articles, downloadable tools, live and re-playable webinars, live seminars/workshops, and at show exhibitor effectiveness evaluations?
  7. Provide a complete marketing program to build awareness and gain participation, thereby saving you time?
  8. Provide free webinar hosting, registration management, recording and reporting?
  9. Deliver their programs with high energy, conviction, and passion?
  10. Provide a thorough post-show report to help you analyze the reach, cost and impact of the program?
  11. Have a long-term vision and plan for the program, so you don’t have to re-create the wheel every year?

We think after completing this quick comparison, you’ll discover what many other successful show organizers already know…  when it comes to exhibitor education, nobody does more or does it better than Competitive Edge.

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